Tuesday, October 5, 2010

109 Loves the iPads!

Hello! I am Kelly Johnson and I teach reading and writing with the 2nd graders at Burley in the mornings. My students are so excited about using iPads in the classroom, as am I. I am new to "blogging" so I apologize if my first few appear a bit off-centered and not totally awesome.

We began using iPads in our classroom last Friday. Ms. Skibba came in and talked to our whole class about how we will be using them in class and the proper procedures for use. We were all so excited, we couldn't wait to get started.

In order to get the students acclimated with using the iPads, we began by having them watch a video to practice sight words. Students had to learn how to adjust the volume, pause and play the video and rewind to the beginning.

As a sight word came up, students paused the video then wrote the word on a paper. This exposed them to the seeing a word visually, hearing it in a sentence, and writing the word themselves.

The students worked their way through 25 words and then were able to switch programs and go into an application called "Spell Blocks" to practice spelling words. This gave students an opportunity to practice moving around on the iPad, switching programs, and using their fingers to navigate.

I know my students love having the iPads incorporated into our reading program. I think it gives them the opportunity to to utilize yet another tool for learning. I look forward to updating this blog as we continue to use the iPads and incorporate more tools for the students to use. 109 is so very grateful for this opportunity!


  1. Kelly's kids did a fantastic job on their first few days with the iPad center. I think it made a big difference to have some whole-class conversation about using the devices, rather than doing it group by group -- and their already well-established routines and expectations are a great foundation for integrating technology. And thanks for posting, Kelly!

  2. Great stuff Ladies... Carolyn, the ipads have gel's around them? where did you get them? We need to do something about ours to make them less slippery.
    Kellie @ Healy

  3. Kellie, we ordered the MiniSuit by Vizu from Amazon; there are more details in this post . I don't know any district vendors that sell a comparable product, but please share if you find one!